Beolit 17 Wireless Speaker
Beolit 17 Wireless Speaker

Beolit 17 Wireless Speaker

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Powerful Bluetooth speaker with up to 24hrs of battery life

No matter where you place it, Beolit 17 delivers. Improved design now delivers 240 watts of peak power and disperses sound a full 360 degrees, filling even a large room or space. Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound ensures you hear the music as artists intended, authentic, clean and with a passion that reveals all the beautiful details. With a battery life of 24 hours, it’s enough to keep the music going day and night. Smart features include a connect button that activates your favourite smart feature via the Beoplay App, just set it up and personalise Beolit 17 to fit your needs. Made to last this iconic design stands out indoors or out.

  • Portable with 24hrs battery life

  • Connect wirelessly to all Bluetooth devices

  • Adjustable features via Beoplay App

  • High quality sound

  • Premium durable materials