BeoLab 50
BeoLab 50

BeoLab 50

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Press pause and play. Experience your music like never before with the ultimate home loudspeaker, BeoLab 50, for musical and cinematic experiences.

BeoLab 50 delivers truly exceptional performance with innovate sound controls and a uniquely unfolding design. A high-end loudspeaker with a modest footprint that feels at home in any interior. With its slender, tall silhouette and rounded base, BeoLab 50 stands proud without being obtrusive. Aluminium surfaces and warm oak lamellas are inherently Bang & Olufsen in a refined and visionary design. Performing beyond reference in every listening scenario, adjustable acoustic lens enables BeoLab 50 to alter its sound delivery tailored to the position of the audience to give a room filling sound performance. Active Room Compensation technology measures the acoustical behaviour of your room resulting in superior performance, tailored to all the ways you enjoy music and sound experiences. 2,100 watts of precision power divided by 7 amplifiers in each loudspeaker with the ability to control it exactly your way with just a single touch. Designed to work seamlessly with our TV’s delivering fully integrated functionality both wired and wirelessly. Pair BeoLab 50 with our latest 4K OLED TV, BeoVision Eclipse and your movie night never sounded better.

  • 2,100 watts per loudspeaker
  • Acoustic Lens Technology with directional sound beam control
  • Seamless control
  • Active Room Compensation
  • Visionary design

The loudspeakers are sold in a pair